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Prx kidsint FREE coloring pages of Zelph and Book of Mormon Geography

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Main PicHeartland Humor has been created with the talent of World Famous LDS Cartoonist, Val Chadwick Bagley.

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quizHow well do you know the Book of Mormon Geography in Moroni’s America? Take the 5 part quiz by clicking on the link here: Book of Mormon Quiz

Below take a look at the painting of “North America, A Land of Promise” by Brook Malia Mann. Use the chart below the painting to find all the items listed on the chart. You will find 7 swords, 7 sheep, 2 elephants and many sets of gold plates. Can you find them all?

North America, A Land of Promise LR

seek and fine picture.jpg

Below are some fantastic cartoons by LDS cartoonist Val Chadwick Bagley.  valbagley@msn.comfirst pin3 plains_web 4 promised land_web 5 zarahemla_web 6 sacrifices_web curelom_web directions_web fire insurance_web Hill cumora_web indians_web new york_web northward_web recommend_web stone alter_web This is the Place Whirlwinds_web Witness List_web

1 It just makes sense_web 2 burger king_web

Moroni’s America fun videos below.

Below watch inspiring LDS Videos

Pierce Mounds near Apalachicola, Florida are a possible location of Lehi’s First Landing. Dated around 600 BC. See the video below and an archaeological map.

Mounds at Turtle Harbor from Turtle Harbor Mounds on Vimeo.

aa pierce mounds

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