Whatever Happened to the Golden Plates?

This is the book that explains the “two-sets-of-plates” scenario that everyone is talking about. It is an awesome book for LDS audiences who are familiar with Church history and want to learn more. The book explains that Joseph translated two sets of plates, that Mormon’s repository was in New York, and that the plates are still not far from Cumorah.

The traditional version of Church history is that Moroni buried the golden plates in the Hill Cumorah in a stone-and-cement box he built in the hillside. 1400 years later, Moroni directed Joseph Smith to the stone box. In 1827, Joseph obtained the plates and translated them into what is now known as the Hill Cumorah.

The traditional story is correct regarding the “original” Book of Mormon, as Joseph described it. But the “original” Book of Mormon did not include the small plates of Nephi. Today, this is known as 1 Nephi through Words of Mormon.


Moroni’s America Map Book

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Mormon Mesomania:

The Mesomania book is now on Amazon. You can find it here. This is an Amazon exclusive version, titled Mormon Mesomania. By way of explanation, I’m not criticizing any current LDS scholars. I fully respect their efforts and deeply appreciate the good work they’ve done in many fields. Plus, they’re great people. I just think they’re making a fundamental mistake about the geography question and I’m just trying to understand the psychology behind the Mesoamerican theory. It’s a fascinating topic, and I have a much longer manuscript, but everyone wants short books, so I made the Mesomania as short as I could.

Read all about the setting for the Book of Mormon in North America

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Moroni’s America is a must-read for anyone interested in the historicity and geography of the Book of Mormon. It focuses on the North American setting with a book-by-book, chapter-by-chapter approach to the geography passages, illustrating the points with over 75 maps and diagrams. The Pocket Edition includes the essentials of the full edition of Moroni’s America. It introduces the North American geography of the Book of Mormon. It is intended for believing Mormons as well as nonbelievers.

The Lost City of Zarahemla second edition adds considerable material regarding the history of origin of the Mesoamerican theory of Book of Mormon geography, including more historical detail about the Times and Seasons and the fascinating people in Church history who were involved. It also adds maps and explanation for a proposed North American geography that incorporates every verse in the text as well as relevant statements by Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and David Whitmer.

Letter VII was written by Oliver Cowdery, with the assistance of Joseph Smith, to explain in detail how the Hill Cumorah in New York is the setting for important events from the Book of Mormon. This book provides context and commentary on this significant letter. The book is short but packed with important information for anyone interested in Church history and the setting for the Book of Mormon. 

Brought to the Light. How do we know what Joseph Smith actually wrote?
This book explains that some of the teachings long attributed to Joseph Smith were not written by him. Instead, a zealous Mormon man named Benjamin Winchester wrote articles and editorials that were later attributed to Joseph Smith. Winchester wrote under pseudonyms and anonymously, and his work was often signed “Ed.” for Editor.
Shortly before he died, Joseph said Winchester had “a rotten heart” and “would injure the Church as much as he could.” These articles explain how Winchester did just that.
Published in the Times and Seasons, an early Mormon newspaper published in Nauvoo, Illinois, Winchester’s articles played a major role in developing Church doctrine on two important issues: the role of women in the Church and Book of Mormon geography and historicity.

Now, for the first time, anyone can read the evidence of Winchester’s activities. These new disclosures will change the way we understand these two issues today. 

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zelph cd140 Maps of “The Book of Mormon in North America”

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Purchase this new CD of maps, art, cartoons, and diagrams of the setting of the Book of Mormon in North America. See many of the territories, lands, cities, events and battles spoken of in the Book of Mormon with specific map detail.  These maps follow the details of the amazing book “Moroni’s America” by Jonathan Neville.  Just $9

Other Jonathan Neville Books

The Rule of Equity. A smart thriller about Native Americans reclaiming their rights in North America.

“Dan Brown meets Lee Child meets John Grisham… The Da Vinci Code of American history, with a stunning and satisfying ending that leaves readers wanting more!”

After centuries of genocide, relocation, and neglect, Native Americans watch as the government that oppressed them faces financial ruin, environmental catastrophe, and imminent social collapse. Hyrum Cobb, a brilliant Native American lawyer who heads the Bureau of Indian Affairs, devises a plan to reclaim America for his people—and for the benefit of all Americans. He has secretly assembled a coalition of powerful financial interests and friendly foreign allies, but he also has to persuade the American people—and overcome the fierce opposition of the entrenched elite in New York and Washington DC, who have the entire federal government at their disposal. Can he be stopped? Should he be stopped? The outcome will determine the course of American—and world—history.

Hyrum’s complex plan is jeopardized by a shocking murder in the nation’s capital that sends him on the run from the FBI. From deep cover, Hyrum uses a coded message to enlist a trusted, powerful friend to help him—Tom Madison, a continuing character from the series. A desperate race through Washington, D.C., New York City, and the little-known ancient ruins of North America ensues. Astonishing truths about Native Americans, concealed for centuries, are unveiled as the tribes seek to reassert sovereignty and restore the values of justice and equity toward all people and the natural world that allowed them to thrive in the land for thousands of years before the Europeans invaded.

The stunning conclusion satisfies—and leaves readers wanting more.

“A desperate race through Washington, D.C., New York City, and little-known ancient ruins of North America… Astonishing truths about Native Americans, concealed for centuries, are unveiled at last!”

A Perfect Mother. Set in the 1960s, Jane Madison fiercely defends her husband when the police arrest him for drowning a young girl. To protect her children and keep the family together, she’s prepared to lie for him—until she begins to suspect he might be guilty. Her conflicts with her in-laws, her husband’s defense attorney, and her neighbors (who already believe her husband is guilty) are nothing compared to her internal conflicts. She faces life-altering choices about how to best protect her children and preserver her own sanity.

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Heartland Humor has been created with the talent of World Famous LDS Cartoonist, Val Chadwick Bagley.

makes sense
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Val Chadwick Bagley is an American cartoonist and illustrator. He has illustrated many Latter-day Saint childrens books as well as regularly contributed cartoons to LDS magazines The New Era and The Friend. Although he is sometimes confused with Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, the two are not related.

Although he was raised in Southern California, Val Chadwick Bagley loves to tell people he’s from Wyoming, which is true….. Val was born in Afton, Wyoming where he lived with his parents until he was just 6 weeks old. His father then moved his family to Southern California where Val  grew up.

Growing up in California, near Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, was the perfect environment for Val to develop his artistic skills. With encouragement from his mother, he decorated a bulletin board at home each month.  He’s been decorating, drawing, coloring and entertaining people ever since.

The opportunity to share his testimony, love of the Book of Mormon, and his engaging sense of humor has enabled him to use his talents to create several books and card games for the LDS market.

Val’s had many nicknames throughout his life but the one his wife loves the most is Valiant. He loves our Father in Heaven and our Savior, Jesus Christ; has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon; a deep love and respect or the Prophet Joseph Smith and is grateful for the church and the solid foundation it is in his life. He is valiant in always giving his best and trying to do his best every day.

Sharing his testimony through art has blessed Val and his family as well as Latter-day Saint people worldwide.

If you have an idea that you think would be fun and accepted for the New Era, you can send it to Val at: valbagley@msn.com

7 Zelph button Color“It Just Makes Sense”

I love the imagery and majestic look of Arnold Friberg’s paintings depicting events in the Book of Mormon. They have had a huge impact of how I visualize the stories would have looked, and I’ve used them extensively to create my various children’s books and card games, as well as the many cartoons I’ve drawn for the New Era magazine over the past 35 years.bb

So when I was asked to draw cartoons that went against that whole line of thinking, I was very conflicted. (It would be like celebrating Christmas, with all of the holiday fun of reindeer and snowmen, on April 6th!). But the more I began researching the information of the Book of Mormon events taking place in North America, and especially from being a fan of NEPHITE EXPLORER, the more IT JUST MADE SENSE!

Now, I am an ardent believer in the Heartland Model and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of sharing this exciting perspective of the marvelous work and a wonder, which is the Book of Mormon.

Val Chadwick Bagley THE CARTOONIST GUY


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