Case study–Using art to prove Mesoamerican setting and failing the scholarship test

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Two days ago I posted an observation about how the intellectuals in the Church seek to prove their Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory by citing Church artwork. Here’s a prime example. It’s based on the mural I posted yesterday, the one showing the “sons of Mosiah” approaching a Mayan pyramid city. According to a blog post titled “Mesoamerican […]

Confusing messages at the MTC

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National flags at Provo MTC A few months ago I toured the MTC in Provo, a wonderful campus that trains thousands of missionaries to go into the world to teach about the Restoration and bring people to Christ. The campus is beautifully decorated with inspiring art and murals, such as these: Some of the murals […]

How intellectuals "prove" their theories

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The intellectuals in the Church who support the Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory have a final argument they are making. They openly acknowledged that they repudiate every prophet and apostle who has spoken about Cumorah for the last 150 years. They also admit that while they insist their interpretation of the text is the “correct” one, they can’t […]

update on watching General Conference with your BYU/CES teacher

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A few days ago I posted a comment about watching General Conference with your BYU/CES teacher. It turns out, there are some BYU/CES teachers who support and sustain the united and consistent position of the prophets and apostles who have spoken about the New York Cumorah for over 150 years. These teachers just are not […]

Letter IV-What Moroni said

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Here is an excerpt from Letter IV: “He then proceeded and gave a general account of the promises made to the fathers, and also gave a history of the aborigines of this country, and said they were literal descendants of Abraham. He represented them as once being an enlightened and intelligent people, possessing a cerrect […]

Why the scholars stick with Meso

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the restored house in which Joseph translated the Harmony plates I’ve been in upstate New York for a few days. Here’s a photo I took at the Aaronic Priesthood Restoration Site in Pennsylvania. This is one of my favorite Church history sites for several reasons, but one is the humble nature of the location where […]

Contributing to Book of Mormon Central

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Many people are receiving fund-raising emails from Book of Mormon Central. Here’s my advice. Tell them you will donate as soon as they do at least these two things:  (1) give readers a full explanation of the North American setting (Moroni’s America and the Heartland) as an alternative to their Mesomania; and (2) explain clearly […]