Visual persuasion–and presuasion

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There is potential to reach a consensus about Book of Mormon historicity/geography through visual persuasion and presuasion. However, just the opposite is currently happening. Tuesday I visited Temple Square to admire the exhibit of two-Cumorahs that repudiates what Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery taught in Letter VII. This exhibit also repudiates what every prophet and […]

Letter VII – Joseph and Oliver Knew

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When Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery wrote Letter VII, they were responding to critics who claimed the Book of Mormon was fiction, derived from an unpublished manuscript written by Solomon Spaulding. They knew the best way to respond to critics was by citing facts. They made sure there was no question about which hill in […]

Higher Education’s Deeper Sickness

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Today’s WSJ contains an editorial titled “Higher Education’s Deeper Sickness” The article focuses on the domination of leftist ideas at major universities. “In 1969 the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education found that there were overall about twice as many left-of-center as right-of-center faculty. Various studies document the rise of that ratio to 5 to 1 […]

Social-validation feedback loop

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People wonder why the Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory is so widely believed and taught at BYU and in CES. It’s a combination of ignorance and the social-validation feedback loop. But education will fix the former and lead to changes in the latter. 1. Ignorance. Few BYU/CES teachers know about Letter VII. They have never been taught about it […]

More on the DNA essay

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People are asking for more explanation about yesterday’s post about the Gospel Topics DNA essay. Some are wondering how the essay shows we LDS are all Darwinians now. These are just my reactions to the essay. I’m not being critical of the essay. I’m simply offering suggestions for improvement in the future. (The essay has […]

It doesn’t matter?

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I keep hearing that the location of the Hill Cumorah “doesn’t matter.” Usually I hear this from advocates of the Mesoamerican/two-Cumorahs theory who realize their theory contradicts the teachings of the prophets and apostles. They handle their cognitive dissonance by telling themselves–and others–that the geography doesn’t matter. This is an avoidance mechanism.But by claiming it […]