Meridian Magazine

Meridian Magazine ( is a popular online newspaper for LDS people. It is operated by Scot and Maurine Proctor, who are staunch advocates of the Mesoamerican geography. They’ve explained their position here. They wrote, “Neither Joseph Smith nor any other Church leader has shared revelation or given us a definitive answer on where the Book of Mormon is set.” In their narrative, they never mention Oliver Cowdery’s Letter VII or Joseph’s endorsement of that letter on multiple occasions.

To my knowledge, they’ve never published an article written by a proponent of a theory of geography that differs from the Mesoamerican theory.

They publish the KnoWhys from Book of Mormon Central, which also focus on Mesoamerica.

Overall, Meridian Magazine publishes lots of useful, informative material, but you have to realize they are fully invested in the Mesoamerican theory.


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