2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. 2,000,000 Jaredites fought and died (Ether 15:2) on Hill Cumorah (Ether 15:6-11)

    230,000 Neohites fought and died (Mormon 6:10-15) on hill Cumorah (Mormon 6:2) (No word on how many Lamanites died) (See Mormon 6 chapter heading for more information)

    Where are the remains of the 2,230,000+ fallen soldiers? Where are their weapons and armor? Why is there no archaeological evidence for these battles?

    1. Many people have interpreted the text that way, but not when you read carefully. The 2 million Jaredites died well before the final battles. All but 20,000 of the Nephites died long before Cumorah. These wars were spread from Illinois to New York. There are over a million mound sites in North America, many containing multiple burials. In war, of course, most bodies are presumably left unburied, as even the Book of Mormon relates. And there is abundant archaeological evidence if your expectations are in line with what the text actually says.

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