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I appreciate all the friends, subscribers, and fellow Heartlanders who have assisted me, supported me and have added insight of further research about the most correct book on earth and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Below you will find many of these friends and their businesses.

Book of Mormon Evidence- Rod Meldrum

LDS Archaeology- Wayne May

Lost Civilizations of North America Steven Smoot

Book of Mormon Remnants David Doane

Heartland Humor Val Chadwick Bagley

Operation Underground Railroad Tim Ballard

Joseph Smith Academy  James Stoddard and Family

Keeper of the Prophets Sword Howard and Jolene Smith

Blake’s Replicas Steve Blake

Mormon Art and Bronze Steve Glenn

Ken Corbett Art Ken Corbell

Kendra Burton Art  Kendra Burton

Heartland Art David Lindsley

Works of Joseph- Rian Nelson

Read Letter I through Letter VIII at here

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