How to manufacture your own Cumorah

The text of the Book of Mormon is flexible enough to let you manufacture your own Hill Cumorah pretty much anywhere in the world.

If you like Eritrea, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Panama, Guatemala, Yucatan, southern Mexico, Baja… Take your pick or add your own favorite.

No problem. No problem at all.

Of all the places I’ve visited, I’m thinking the south of France would be a fun place to put Cumorah. I could visit there often to do research. Another great place would be Rio de Janeiro. Or maybe the south island of New Zealand.

If you want to invent a Hill Cumorah in your favorite part of the world, you just need to:

1) ignore what the modern prophets and apostles have said* and

2) apply a flexible interpretation of the Book of Mormon text.

I put together a video that shows how to manufacture a Hill Cumorah in Mexico. It’s based on one of my favorite blogs to follow. You can use the same techniques described on that blog to put Cumorah wherever you want.

*Note: You’ll notice in the video how important it is to start with step #1. Don’t skip step #1. This is the key to manufacturing your own Cumorah. If you make a mistake and pay attention to what the modern prophets and apostles have said, you pretty much have to stick with the Cumorah in western New York, a couple of miles south of Palmyra. That’s not nearly as fun as inventing your own Cumorah in Mexico or wherever else you want.

Source: Book of Mormon Wars

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