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aa questionsWe have found that by you asking questions of yourself, is the best way to learn.  Asking questions and then receiving a direct answer doesn’t allow you time to explore and discover. You should ask the question of yourself and then go to work to find the answer. We give you these questions for that reason. Yes we can help you with our opinion of the answers, but finding these answers yourself will really excite you and stick with you. We suggest you get started by taking our “Book of Mormon Quiz” found HERE. Once you are able to answer those questions, the ones below will seem much easier.

Basic Questions to know if you want to be a certified member of the Moroni’s America Club! (Not Literally)

Where do YOU think the Book of Mormon happened?

Where do YOU think Lehi Landed in North America?

Where do YOU think the idea of the Book of Mormon in Guatemala began?

Where do YOU think the city Zarahemla was located?

Do YOU think there is one or two hill Cumorah’s?

Where do YOU think the second Nephite temple was built?

Where do YOU think the first Nephite temple was built?

Where do YOU think the third Nephite temple was built?

Where do YOU think the river Sidon is located in North America?

What four US rivers make up the “Narrow Strip of Wilderness?

Where is the “Narrow Neck of Land” located?

The city Nephi is located in what city of the United States?

What County and State is the ancient city of Manti located?

Onandagus is a descendant of what Indian Tribe?

Name four men on Zions Camp who wrote in their journal about Zelph.

What state of the US is the Land Bountiful located?

Name three states that the “Plains of the Nephites are found in.

Who was the first Native American born in the Promised Land?

There is one mention of “snow” in the Book of Mormon, where is it located?

Name four animals that are required for the Nephites to keep the Law of Moses.

Is there evidence of ancient horses in the United States?

What state can you find ancient copper mines dating about 3200 BC?

How tall are the tallest mounds found in the United States?

Who was the  author of the Times and Seasons articles that linked Zarahemla with Guatemala?

Which body of water in the US is known as the “Sea West North”?

The “Great City” built by the Narrow Neck of Land was where?

Questions to ask friends and acquaintances

1. Did you know the Book of Mormon people lived in what is now the United States? (I’ve used this one with members and former members, always with good responses, or at least curiosity.)
2. Did you know that new historical evidence is clarifying the setting for the Book of Mormon?
3. Have you heard that Zarahemla is actually across the river from Nauvoo?
4. Did you know most of the Arnold Friberg paintings are set in the wrong place?
5. Who do you think are the Lamanites?

We want your questions. We know you have personally received many answers to questions about the Book of Mormon. We want to include some of those questions that would benefit our readers. Please submit your questions to:

aa factsYOU DECIDE

This LINK will give you the comparative facts between the Mesoamerica and Moroni’s America Theory 





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