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aa about usThe main two things I’m trying to accomplish are:

  • Have every LDS member read Letter VII during 2016
  • Have people think of Moroni’s America whenever they think of the Book of Mormon, the covenant nation, or the USA.

Statement of Purpose: To help people understand the Book of Mormon by explaining the North American setting

Motto: Letter VII describes Moroni’s America

Value Statement: The Book of Mormon is a translation of an actual record of actual people who lived in America from roughly 600 BC to 400 AD

Personal Goal: To bring people to Christ through the Book of Mormon

Title of Liberty

  • Moroni holds the keys of the “Stick of Ephraim.” The Book of Mormon.
  • Letter VII verifies “One Cumorah.” Ontario County, New York.
  • Joseph Smith reveals the “Plains of the Nephites.” The Heartland of America.
  • Moroni’s America” is the covenant land of liberty. The United States of America.

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Thanks for reading, researching, and supporting. Jonathan Neville

Joseph Smith and his relationship with Moroni

“The relationship which developed between Joseph Smith and Moroni began with Joseph standing in great awe before a celestial being filled with light, but there was also a great deal of respect on the part of Moroni for Joseph Smith. He did not see Joseph as just a humble unlearned farm boy, but saw him as one of the great Council of Gods in the pre-mortal existence. Moroni had been given the call of teacher and confidant to the man entrusted with laying the ground work for the Second Advent of the Savior. Their relationship became more than an angel-mortal relationship—they became friends and companions in a great mission of salvation to mankind. Moroni’s position in the grand scheme of things was that of personal instructor to the man who was to become the Prophet of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times. What a great call to be the one who was to teach and mold the Prophet of God.”  JOSEPH SMITH AND THE VISITATIONS OF MORONI by Jerry C. Roundy

This website and research has been accomplished through private means and represents the opinions of Jonathan Neville and other researchers only.  Like all proposed theories regarding Book of Mormon geography it is not endorsed, sponsored by, or affiliated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has an official position of neutrality regarding Book of Mormon geography and has endorsed no proposed geography. The work described herein is the research and information of Jonathan Neville and others who are all active members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and believe the truthfulness of The Book of Mormon as a translation of an actual record of actual people who lived in America. They accept the Book of Mormon as a prophetic record witnessing of the divinity of Jesus Christ and the divine nature of the calling and authority given to the Prophet Joseph Smith and his successors.

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